Amazing things you can do with the Google Search Page

One of the reasons that the Google search engine has always remained so popular is that it never ceases to surprise. You get an idea, and think to yourself "I wonder if Google can do this?" and sure as nuts, it does it! I've started to wonder if there's anything they haven't thought of.

OK, I know they're only human, so there's bound to be something they've left out, but nevertheless, there's a lot of very useful things you can do with this search engine that make life a lot easier.

Here are some of the things I've discovered;  These give you instant answers without having to visit a web page:

To get the present time in any country in the world, just type into the Google search box "time in xxxxx" where xxxxx is the name of the country or town.

To convert between measurement units: I want to convert mph to knots, so I type in the search box "50mph in knots" and I get the answer. You can also type in "half a cup in teaspoons" and get an answer!
It also does calculations for you, so you can type in (eg). 5*7+67

To find definitions: type in "define mass" and we get a standard definition, without having to go to a web site.

If you have a barcode reader, click in the Google search box and then read a barcode with your reader. The number will appear in the search box. Then hit enter or search and Google will bring up results for that object that you scanned!

If you want to track the flight of an aeroplane, type in it's name and number in: "United flight 654" and it will give you the departure and arrival times and if it's on schedule!!

To find the capital of a country, type in (eg)  "capital of Zambia"
Want to know the number of people in Yemen? Type in "population of Yemen"

To find how much 500 yen is in dollars, just type in (eg) "500 yen in dollars"

To check the weather, type in "weather" and your town. Include the country if you are outside of the USA. eg.: "weather Durban South Africa"

To get stock prices and a graph for a share, type it's code in the search box, eg "SNV"

And some other useful tips:

Add a tilde ~ before your search phrase to get related terms, eg "~horse"  will return results for horse, pony, stallion etc.
Add the text &imgtype=face at the end of your image search phrase if you only want faces of people and not all the other things, like when you are searching for a lady called "Rose" you don't want all the other flowers and stuff to appear. eg : "Rose&imgtype=face "
These things come in really handy at times, especially when the boss is breathing down your neck and you need an answer fast!
The Funny Side of the Internet  :-)

Isn't it absolutely fantastic that you can sit in the comfort of your own home, and wirelessly, from a foreign country many thousands of miles away, download within seconds a vicious virus that wipes your hard drive and puts up a message "Igor did rock..." on your screen. Ah yes, technology has brought us far.

No longer is there the long wait by your postbox, hoping for that letter from a loved one, or that check that's always in the mail. Now we have the blessing of getting 463 emails a day from kind people that we don't even know! And all they want to do is help us! We can enlarge parts of our bodies, get free money from Africa, become a doctor of physics without even studying, and become filthy rich just by watching one DVD which they will supply at a massive discount. Gracious, what nice people.

Even more amazing is the new fangled video phone calls, where the chap on the other side can see you while you are talking to him, on the other side of the world. And if you forget to cut the connection, an hour later the world can also see you kicking the dog while in your underwear. Isn't it fascinating how fast those type of video things get onto YouTube and the national news.

Now there's broadband too. It seems that this was invented in order to drain your bank account at a faster rate than the old dialup system. All you have to do is download the movie "Gone with the wind" and see how this title applies to your savings.

A nice thing to have is an "always on" connection. This connection is always on unless it's off. While it's on, it's always on, and when it's off, it's always off. Maybe they should have called it a "usually on and always slow" connection.

Facebook is a nice way to connect with old friends that you hoped you would never see again, and it also is an easy way to get your name and ID available to the Russian mafia. Apparently their interpretation of "Social Networking" is somewaht different to ours - our meaning was probably lost in translation. The IRS like it as well. Makes tracing defaulters nice and easy for them.

The search engines are strange things. Needed a little picture of a baby for a baby shower card the other day, so typed "babe" into Google and searched for images. The babes that appeared to answer this search burnt my eyebrows off and set the curtains on fire. Now after my fourth week of therapy I'm starting to feel a bit better.

There are lots of challenges when you have internet access. It really keeps the memory active, having to remember 49 passwords and usernames, with letters, numbers, funny symbols and so on. And when people write you a letter, they expect a reply today, so it keeps us active and productive. None of this waiting til Saturday business.

Well, those are the good things about the internet. Can't really think of anything bad...
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Some of those really cool YouTube videos are so great we would just love to show them to our friends or family, but it's not so straightforward (or so we thought) to actually save them somewhere for later viewing. It's also handy to copy the videos to a flash drive so you can take them to your friends and play them on their computer.

Well, there is a way. It'll take you a few minutes to get it all organised, but I'll explain how to do it right here.

First, you need to download two fairly small programs, so if your bandwidth is expensive, it won't do too much damage to your bank balance. The programs themselves are both free, so all you need to do is download and install them.

The first program is the FLV player. ( Links to the download web sites can be found on my web site address which appears at the end of this article.)  Download and install this player, as it's the default format for most YouTube videos.

Next program is the YouTube Downloader. Download and install this program and let it put a shortcut on your desktop. It is a very good idea to put this webpage into your favorites list, as YouTube often change their systems, causing the downloader to not work, but as soon as you download and install the newest version of the YouTube Downloader, it all works again - so keep the address handy!

Once you've got these two items installed, then you can go and find those favourite YouTube videos of yours, either by going directly to YouTube, or by doing a Google search for them. Once you have to YouTube video start screen displayed (ie before you actually click the Play icon to watch the video..) then right click in the still video picture and click on  "Copy embed html"  from the menu that pops up.

Then double click on the You Tube Downloader icon that was put on your desktop to start up the program. Once it is open, click in the box marked Enter video URL and then paste the YouTube video url that you copied into this box. (You can do this by holding Ctrl key down and pressing V ) Make sure the 'Enter video URL' box is empty before pasting the new address in it. Sometimes when you click in the box the url is automatically pasted in, so it may take a few tries to get used to how it works.

You will also see that the You Tube down loader has the option to convert videos to a few different formats, which is handy if you want to load your videos onto a phone or ipod, so it's quite a handy little program.

The YouTube Downloader normally downloads the video file with a .flv extension, so you can then play it directly in the FLV player that you installed. It's also useful to have a shortcut to the FLV Player on your desktop or in your quick launch bar.

TIP: If you can't play the downloaded FLV file with the FLV Player, go to the YouTube Downloader, select the "Convert video" option, using the elipsis [ ... ] button on the right hand side to browse to your FLV file that doesn't work, and select it, and then click on the play arrow button in the YouTube Downloader to play it.

And there you have all the instructions! Enjoy!

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