How to Get Fit and Stay Fit, the Simple Way
Some Ideas for Losing Weight

A news report came out yesterday that there are 79 million americans that are classified as obese. Not just overweight, but obese. Obesity causes a lot of rather nasty health problems, so it is in our best interest to lose enough weight to be classified as just overweight, and then tackle the next goal of being the ideal weight, with a BMI (Body length / Mass index) of between 20 and 25.

OK, so you probably knew that; but HOW to acheive it is the question.

The answer:
Part 1,  is another question. Are you prepared to suffer a bit? To be hungry for a few weeks? You don't have to starve, but you are going to be hungry. If you really want to live, and not die; if you want to stay out of hospital and have a enjoyable life; then you will have to tackle your weight loss goal head on. Your attitude must be like a marine soldier attacking an enemy. It's not pleasant, but your determined aim is victory. Nothing less. You CAN do it! Hype yourself up! It's possible! You CAN be slim!

Part 2. Eat less. Stunning hey! You can see I'm a rocket scientist. But I'm afraid that this is the main answer, the crux. Be hungry for a few weeks. Give your stomach time to shrink and your system to adapt. Don't starve, but cut the amount you eat by 30%. If that doesn't get you loosing weight, then make the cut 40%. Then keep the amount you eat at the level that keeps your weight stable. (Note: Don't go overboard. Keep your BMI above 20.)

Part 3: Eat balanced meals. Lots of vegetables, fruit, and a reasonable amount of roughage like cereals, bit of bran, oats and so on. By the way, oats are excellent -- they eat up cholesterol and do you a world of good. If these foods are a bit expensive for you, maybe you could grow your own. No garden? Grow them in your cupboard using hydroponics! If you want to get slim badly enough you will make a plan! Eat all things in moderation. Don't binge. If you're feeling miserable, don't eat -- phone a friend!

Part 4: Exercise. Take a slow jog. Get a workout CD and do the moves at home. Or just take a music CD that you like and dance as energetically as you can. The important thing with exercise is that you must SWEAT. The more the better. Sweat is the body's natural way of flushing toxins, so just imagine all that toxic waste you've built up in your system being washed out of your body! It's a great motivating force!

This sounds very simple. But it is. If you adjust your whole way of life to fit the above guidelines, the weight will come off. Don't give up. Keep at it. Don't weigh yourself every day -- once a week is more than enough. Expect weight fluctuations, and look rather at the long term weight loss. Get all the temptation foods out of the house - high fat snacks, sweets and stuff that sits on the shelf and says 'eat me!' as you walk past!

Be encouraged. Be determined. You can do it.

Duncan Kelly
How To Get To Sleep Without Medication

There's nothing worse than lying in bed, tired, but sleep eludes you. You lie awake, you toss and turn, you get up and have warm milk, and still your tiredness does not convert into sleep.

From one who survived a stressful job, illness in the family and has had a few sleepless nights, some advice on what worked and what didn't.


The best thing, that usually works, is a short pattern of deep breathing. This is how it's done.

First, get yourself as comfortable as you can, in a position that you can stay in without moving for 5 or 10 minutes at least. Lie still and allow your heart rate to drop - this usually takes about 5 minutes. Then breathe in as deep a breath as your lungs can hold. Let it out and breathe normally for about 10 to 20 breaths. You will notice that after the deep breath, you will hardly need to breathe at all. This is good, as your whole body can stay almost perfectly still. Your system is well oxygenated and doesn't require much breathing.

Then take a second deep breath, and let it out again. Once again, relax and breathe as your body requires, which may be next to nothing. If after another 20 breaths you are still awake, repeat the process again. At the same time you are doing this, imagine yourself in a peaceful place, like a nature reserve, or overlooking the sea. Sweet dreams!


If you are very worried about something, this can prevent you from getting to sleep, even with the deep breathing technique described above. In this case, you need to realise that there are certain things that one can do nothing about. If you've done all you can, then leave the rest to God. Leave you cares with Him and do not worry. Worry achieves nothing. It fixes nothing. It helps nobody. So stop worrying, relax, take some deep breaths and drift off into beautiful sleep; then you will awake refreshed and much better equipped to tackle the day's problems.


Even when people you love are in trouble; if there's nothing you can do to help, then having a good night's sleep is not a sin - you're not letting anybody down. I remember flying into an army base by chopper to pick up a major. The chopper had no seats in it, but as the chopper touched down, the major jumped in, and we lifted off immediately. The major lay down on the floor of the chopper and was asleep before we lost sight of the base. He had work to do up ahead, but instead of worrying, he used the flight time of an hour to get enought sleep so that he could handle the next task. And that's how we should be. Sleep when you can with no worries.


Counting sheep doesn't seem to work. Eventually you have to get up and fetch the calculator, if you're counting the legs and dividing by four. A warm drink seems to help to relax one, but not enough to be the total solution to sleeplessness. Going to bed after an argument is also not a good idea unless you make peace first. It may be better to say sorry even if you are right, then spend the night with your eyes wide open and your stomach in a knot. Forgiveness and reconciliation in any form is good for having a good sleep.

Well, Yawn, that's it. Bed time now. Sleep tight.

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So you want to get fit. But you're not exactly ready for the olympics. So how do you get started?


People often get a rush of blood to the head, and want to chuck on a pair of running shoes, and run 200 miles so they can get fit quickly.

The best way is to start very small. I have a big garden, and when I started jogging, I ran around the garden til I was tired. When I started, 5 times round the garden was enough to get me real tired! But that soon went up to 10, then 20. I managed to squeeze a 100 meter "figure of eight" course into my garden, and I now do 40 circuits of this course, which means I run 4 km. I'm no action hero, but it keeps me fit, and it's cheap!

There is however, one expense you need to incur. Running Shoes. If you've got the cash, try and get a decent pair of running shoes. They must be light, the sole must be able to bend a bit by the toes, and they must have ventilation. I've found Asics and Adidas to be OK. But choose your own. Getting blisters does no good for your motivation.

If you are overweight, combine the slow start approach with better eating habits. Lots of greens. Less meats. Smaller meals. You have to suffer a little bit, but believe me, it's well worth it.

If you can find a track where you can run, this is a good thing. It's easier on a track than in your garden, believe me! Or just run on the roads in your neighborhood.

VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE UNFIT (and also for the fit). When you have finished running, don't stop, and fall on your back, and lie there panting. This is a bad idea. Keep walking around, panting! Give your system time to slow down gradually. This is much easier on your heart and muscles, prevents cramps and other nasty things. Don't get too cold before covering up, or getting indoors, and have a warm shower afterwards. (Unless of course you live in the amazon and it's always stinking hot.) A cold shower can be a bit of a shock to your system if your body is really heated up.

Getting fit, even a little bit fit, has many advantages and benefits. The jogging gets your circulation going which purges toxins from your body.

It strengthens your heart muscles, improves circulation through the brain which makes you more alert and able to think clearly.

You will find that you will be less tired at work doing what you've always done there.

You will be able to endure things for longer.

You will feel better about yourself. It's a great confidence booster.

Come on! Give it a bash! You won't be sorry!