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This was no weak love...
This was power and majesty.
Two things have to be established here before continuing:
1.  God exists
2. The Bible is TRUE

These two things have been irrefutably and absolutely proven. Please note that the God who exists is the God of the Jewish and Christian Bible. No other God exists.
This is the inconvenient truth.

If the truth offends you, ask yourself:
what must change:  the Truth?  Or you?
  Jesus is God.
You may ask, how can Jesus be God and still pray to His Father in Heaven?  This is a valid question. Consider this:- a river rises in the mountains and flows towards the sea; lets call the river the Tugela. After a distance the Klip river flows into it, and a little further on the Buffalo river flows into it. Eventually the Tugela flows into the sea. But where are the Klip and the Buffalo rivers? They are in the Tugela. But we don't say three rivers flow into the sea, we talk of ONE river. In the same way God is ONE God, but He comprises of more than one part. Jesus is God, like the Buffalo river is the Tugela where it goes into the sea. If you take a bucket of water out of the Tugela, you are going to say "This is Tugela water." Jesus was taken out of God the Father for awhile, but He was fully God, and is fully God now. The Trinity, as God is referred to, is often spoken of as 3 persons, but in my opinion He is One God, with 3 personalities  or dimensions. We humans were created in the likeness of God, but it is in a much simpler form than that of God. Explaining this is like trying to explain to a deep sea fish what riding a bicycle is like: it doesn't know what a bicycle is, it doesn't know what legs are, or air, or a road. It is a dimension that it cannot even imagine. And it is like that with our perception of God. We try to squash Him into a box like He's some sort of supernatural human, when in fact He is unimaginally superior to our intellects and imagination. And yet He loves us, and was willing to die, Himself, for our sins, so that we could be declared not guilty, and become His friends. Amazing love!

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IF THE BIBLE IS TRUE (Which it is)

Jesus died for our sins, and then rose again from the dead. He appeared to over 500 different people over a time period of about 40 days after His death and resurrection.

God loves you regardless of what you have done, who you are and what race you are. His love is always available to you. All we have to do is believe in Him and that Jesus is the One who saves us from our sins.

God gave us a free will with which we can choose to accept Him and His love or reject Him. God gave us a free will because He wants us to love Him freely and because we want to, not like a robot.

If we reject Jesus and God, we will go to hell when we die. Hell is a real place, where our bed is maggots and our blanket is worms, where there is thick darkness and where we burn and are in agony forever. God does not want us to go there, which is why He died for us to make a way of escape for us. So if we go to hell it is because we chose to go there by rejecting Jesus.

To find out if your religion is false, investigate it's history. Find out where it started, and who started it, and why. Keep an open mind, and get your information from all sorts of different sources, not just from your own religious holy books. Get the truth!

Christianity is not hurt by the truth. The more truth is brought out, and the more things are revealed, the better Christianity looks. Truth only makes it stronger.

You will find that most of them were founded by people with unhealthy backgrounds, criminal records, violent natures, lies and pure madness. Only Christianity and Judaism can show a true pedigree. But don't believe this: find it out for yourself!

Judaism and Christianity are the oldest religion. God's involvement with His people started with creation of Adam, or "mankind" and has continued since. But actually, Christianity is not a religion: it is a loving RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. When we accept Jesus and God's forgiveness of our sins, we become God's children, and He becomes our "Dad" and we have sweet fellowship with Him.

God wants to rescue you from Hell and from your sinful life. To accept His gift of eternal life, which is a free gift, and cannot be "earned" do the following:
  1. Admit that you have done wrong things (sins) and make a decision to do what is right. (This is called "repentance")
  2. Believe in Jesus and ask Him to come into your life and make you spiritually Born Again.
  3. Thank Him for doing this. This is an act of faith, where you are believing what God has promised to do.
  4. Start reading the Bible. Start in the New Testament, at Mark or John.
  5. Pray to God every day.

And that's about it - you are now a born again Christian!! It's so easy! God made it like that on purpose. He loves you very, very much.

If the coelacanth fish was carbon dated and found to be 60 million years old, how come it was found living in 1938, and it hasn't evolved at all?

If we evolved from Apes, how come there are still apes?

How come there are so many different species of apes and monkeys, but only one specie of man? Why aren't there species of men with tails, men with four legs, and men with webbed wings?

Pigs are also intelligent - how come they didn't learn to speak and use tools?

A lady in South Africa painted some rocks and then didn't like her work, so she dumped the rocks into a gully. Archaeologists found the rocks and carbon dated the paintings to be thousands of years old.

There is much "reasonable doubt" to the evolution theory.

It takes a lot more faith to believe in evolution than to believe in the Bible.

The Bible is true. 100% true. Many people have tried to prove it to be false, and they have failed. And they always will fail.