Original African Artwork by Indigenous Local Artists from Rural  KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
These art pieces are all unique and hand carved with the most basic of tools by traditional craftsmen using readily available, sustainable woods. The trees, such as the acacia, reseed themselves and are completely disease resistant due to centuries of existence in the most harsh conditions.


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Dimensions of this piece:

100mm (L)
by 70mm (H) 
by 25mm (D)
Mkuze African Art

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For centuries, the indigenous peoples of South Africa have been carving wood from the trees that grow around their kraals, creating serving trays, spear shafts, gifts for their loved ones (or parents to be!) and other items used in their  diverse culture. With skills passed down through the generations, they happily hum while they carve away under the shade of the ubiquitous acacia trees, while their cattle graze nearby. It is a peaceful, unhurried occupation, and much can be learned by the stressed civilised world from their simple but profound works of art.
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Ref Number: VHD1009
Your purchase will help to support and encourage these rural artists.