Long List Ahead !!
List of  ACRONYMS..
Copyright DP Kelly 2010
Although this list is not complete, it should get you into the right ballpark. If an entry is blank, it means that Iíve come across the acronym before, but still haven't been able to find out what it means!
Compiled by DP Kelly 29th April 2008   Updated: Continually up to 18th March 2011
- 0-9 -
3G     3rd Generation
3.5G                31/2 generation (HSDPA)
3GPP                3 rd Generation Partnership Project
4G            4th Generation
8PSK                8 Phase Shift Keying
8VSB                8 Level Vestigal Sideband

- A -
ABIOS                Advanced Basic Input Output System
ABR                Area Border Router
ABR                Auxilliary Bass Radiator
AC                Alternating Current
ACE                Access Control Entry
ACIA                Asynchronous Communications Interface
ACL                Access Control list
ACL                Asynchronous ConnectionLess
ACPI                Advanced Configuration and Power         Interface
A/D            Analogue to Digital
ADC           Analogue to Digital Convertor
ADCPM              Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADMD                Administrative Management Domain
ADSC                Asymetrical Digital Subscriber line ?
ADSI                Active Directory Services Interfaces
ADSL                Assymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AEGIS               Ad-Hoc Expert Group on the Global
                        Information Society
AFC           Automatic Frequency Control
AFSDB                Andrew File System DataBase
AH            Authentication Header
AGC           Automatic Gain Control
AGP           Accelerated Graphics Port
a.k.a.                Also Known As
ALC           Automatic Level Control
AMC           Adaptive Modulation and Coding
AMPS                Advanced Mobile Phone Service
API           Application Programming Interface
APIPA                Automatic Private IP Addressing
APM                   Advanced Power Management
ARC                   Advanced RISC Computing
ARIN                American Registry for Internet Numbers
ARP                Address Resolution Protocol
AS                Authentication Server
ASCII                American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASDL                Asynchronous Data Line ?
ASP                Active Server Pages
ATA                Advanced Technology Attachment (=IDE)
ATM                Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM                Automatic Teller Machine
ATRN                Authenticated TuRN
ATX                Advanced Technology Extended
AVR                Automatic Voltage Regulator
AXFR                Full Zone Transfer (DNS Zones)

- B -
B2B                Business to Business
B2C                Business to Client
BACP                Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
BAP                Bandwidth Allocation Protocol
BCP                Best Common Practice
BDC                Backup Domain Controller
BHP                Brake Horse Power
BINL                Boot Information Negotiation Layer
BMP                BitMaP ( picture file format )
BNC                British Navy Connector
BOOTP                Bootstrap Protocol
BPS                Bits Per Second
BSI                British Standards Institute

- C -
CA                Certification Authority
CAD                Computer Aided Design
CAL                Client Access Licence
CAO                Computer Account Objects
CAS                Column Address Strobe
CAST                (protocol)
CBCP                Call Back Control Protocol
CCD                Charge Coupled Device
CCIR                International Radio Consultative
CCITT                Comite Consultatif  International
            Telegraphique et Telephonique
CCP                Compression Control Protocol
CCTV                Closed Circuit TV
CDMA                Code Division Multiple Access
CDO                Collaboration Data Objects
CDP                Cisco Discovery Protocol
CD-R                Compact Disk Recordable
CD-RW                Compact Disk Rewritable
CGI                Common Gateway Interface
CHAP                Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CIDR                Classless Inter-Domain Router        
CIFS                Common Internet File System
CIR                Committed Information Rate
CLIP                Classical IP over ATM
CLK                Clock signal
CLNP                ConnectionLess Network Protocol
CMC                Common Mail Call
CMS                Content Management System
CMOS                Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CNAME          Canonical Name Records
CNR                Communications and Network Riser (slot in PC)
COM                Component Object Model
CPU                Central Processing Unit
CRC                Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRL                Certification Revocation List
CRS                Certificate Request Syntax
CSA                Canadian Standards Association.
CSC                Customer Support Centre
CSD                Circuit Switched data
CSIR                Consumer Standards Institute for Research
CSNW                Client Services For Netware
CSP                Cryptographic Service Provider
CSR                Client Server Subsystem
CSS                Cascading Style Sheet
CSV                Comma Separated Values
CTD                Charge Transfer Device
CTI                Computer-Telephony Integration
CTL                Certificate Trust Lists

- D -
D/A                Digital to Analogue
DACL                Discretionary Access Control List
DAC                Digital to Analogue Converter
DAMPS                Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System
DAP                Directory Access Protocol
dB                Decibel
dBc                dB with reference to Carrier
dBm                dB with reference to 1mW
dBu                dB with reference to 1uV
DC                Direct Current
DCC                Digital Content Creation
DCD                Data Carrier Detect
DCE                Data Communications Equipment
DCE                Data Circuit terminating Equipment
DCE                Distributed Computing Environment
DCOM                Distributed Component Object Model
DCS                Digital Cellular System
DDE                Dynamic Data Exchange
DDF                Data Decryption Field
DDNS                Dynamic Domain Name System
DDR                Double Data Rate (SDRAM)
DEC                Digital Equipment Corporation
DES                Data Encryption Standard
DES-CBC        Data Encryption Standard - Cipher Chaining
DESX                Data Encryption Standard X
DFS                Distributed File System
DHCP                Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DIB                Directory Information Base
DIL                Dual In Line
DIMM                Dual Inline Memory Module (RAM)
DIN                German Standards Institute (Deutshe Instituut von Norme)
DIT                Directory Infromation Tree
DL                Distribution List
DLC                Data Link Control
DLL                Dynamic Link Libraries
DMA                Direct Memory Access
DN                Distinguished Name
DNS                Domain Name Service
DOD                Dial On Demand
DPA                Data Protection Act
DPA                Differential Power Analysis
DPC                Deferred Procedure Calls
DPDT                Double Pole Double Throw (switch)
DPMS                Display Power Management Signalling.
DPST                Double Pole Single Throw
DRAM                Dynamic Random Access memory
DRF                Data Recovery Field
DS                Directory Service
DSA                Digital Structure Algorithm
DSA                Directory System Agent
DSDM                DDE Share Database Manager
DSLAM                Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSMN                Directory Service Manager for Netware
DSN                Data Source Name
DSP                Digital Signal Processor
DSR                Data Set Ready
DSS                Digital Signed Standard
DTD                Document Type Definition.
DTE                Data Terminal Equipment
DTL                Diode Transistor Logic
DTMF                Dual Tone Multi Frequency
DTT                Digital Terrestrial Television
DUN                Dial Up Networking
DVB                Digital Video Broadcasting
DVB-T/-S/-C        DVB for Terrestrial/ Satellite/ Cable
DVB-T2                Digital Video Broadcast standard Terrestrial
                        version 2
DVD                Digital Video Disk / Versatile Disk
DXA                Directory Synchronisation Agent

- E -
EAP                 Extensible Authentication Protocol
EAROM            Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory
ECC                Error Correction Code
ECL                Emitter Coupled Logic
ECSA                Engineering Council of South Africa
EDGE                EnHanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution
EDI                Electronic Data Interchange
EDO                Extended Data Out (RAM)
EDRP                Encrypted Data Recovery Policy
EFD                Exchange Forms Designer
EFP                Exchange Forms Project
EFS                 Encrypting file system
EGP                Exterior Gateway Protocol
EGPRS                Enhanced GPRS
EHT                Extremely High Tension (voltage)
EISA                Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EMF                ElectroMotive Force (Voltage)
EPROM                Erasable Programmable ROM
EPS                Encapsulated Postscript
ERD                Emergency Recovery Disk
EROM                Erasable ROM
ERP                Effective Radiated Power
ERP                Enterprise Resource Planning
ESE                Extensible Storage Engine
ESMR                Enhanced Specialised Mobile Radio
ESP                Encapsulating Security Payload
ETRN                Extended TuRN (~=SMTP)  protocol
EV-DO                Evolution Data Optimised

- F -
FCB                File Control Block
FC                Fibre Channel (Hard drives)
FCC                Federal Communications Commission
FEK                File Encryption Key
FET                Field Effect Transistir
FM                Frequency Modulation
FPNW                File and Print Services for Netware
FQDN                Fully Qualified Domain Name
FROG                Fully Reliant On God
FRS                File Replication Service
FSD                Full Scale Deflection
FSK                Frequency Shift Keying
FSMO                Flexible Single Master Operations
FTP                File Transfer Protocol
FWA                Fixed Wireless Access
- G -
GAL                Global Address List
GAN                Generic Access Network
GDI                 Graphics Device Interface
GIF                Graphics Interchange Format
GINA                Graphical Identification and Authentication
GMSK                Guassian Minimum Shift Keying
GPF                General Protection Fault
GPO                Group Policy Object
GPRS                General Packet Radio Services
GPS                Global Positioning System
GRE                Generic Routing Encapsulation
GSM                Global System for Mobile communication
GSNW                Gateway Services For Netware
GUID                Globally Unique Identifier
GWART            GateWay  Address Routing Table

- H -
HAL                Hardware Abstraction Layer
HARQ                Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request
HCL                Hardware Compatibility List
HC-SDMA        High Capacity Spatial Division Multiple Access
HDCD                High Definition Compatible Digital
HDLC                High Level Data Link Control  
HDMI                High Definition Multimedia Interface
HINFO                Host INFOrmation record
HMAC                Hash Message Authentication Code
HMP                Host Monitoring Protocol
HPFS                High Performance File System
HSCSD                High Speed Circuit Switched Data
HS-DSCH        High-Speed Downlink Shared Channel
HSDPA                High Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSUPA                High Speed Uplink Packet Access
HTML                Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP                Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPS                Secure HTTP
Hz                Hertz (Cycles per second)

- I -
IAB                Internet Activities Board
IANA                Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IAS                Internet Authentication Service
IC                Integrated Circuit
ICM                Intergrated Colour Management
ICMP                Internet Control Message Protocol
ICS                Internet Connection Sharing
ICV                Integrity Check Value
IDC                Internet Database Connector
iDEN                Integrated Digital Enhanced Network
IDP                Information Device Profile
IEEE                Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IETF                Internet engineering Task Force
IF                Intermediate Frequency
IGMP                Internet Group Management Protocol
IIL                Integrated Injection Logic
IIS                Internet Information Server
IKE                ISAKMP/Oakley Key Management System
ILS                Internet Locator Server
IMAP4                Internet Message Access Protocol 4
IMS                Internet Mail Service
INS                Internet News Service
IOCTL                Input/Output Control for devices
IP                Internet Protocol
IPC                Interprocess Control/ Communication
IPCP                Internet Protocol Control Protocol
IPM                Interpersonal Messaging
IPR                Intellectual Property Rights
IPSec                Internet Protocol Security
IPX                Internetwork Packet Exchange
IRC                Internet Relay Chat
IrDA                Internal Infrared Data Association
IS                Information Store
IS                Interim Standard
ISAKMP          Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISAM                Indexed Sequential Access Method
ISAPI                   Internet Server Application Programming Interface
ISDN                Integrated Services Digital Network
ISM                Internet Service Manager
ISO                International Standards Organisation
ISP                Internet Service Provider
ISV                Independent Software Vendors
ITU                International Telegraph Union
IXFR                Incremental  Zone Transfer (DNS Zones)

- J -
JBIG                Joint Bi-Level Image Experts Group
JDK                Java Development Kit
JEDEC                Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council
JFET                Junction Field Effect Transistor
JPEG                Joint Picture Experts Group
JVM                Java Virtual Machine

- K -
KCC                Knowledge Consistency Checker
KD                Kernel Debugger
KDC                Key Distribution Centres
KKDC                Kerberos Key Distribution Centre
KM                Key Management
KMS                Knowledge Management System
KYFC                Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

- L -
L2TP                Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
LAN                Local Area Network
LCP                Link Control Protocol
LDAP                 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LED                Light Emitting Diode
LFN                Long File Name
LIPS                Logical Inferences Per Second
LKG                Last Known Good
LMDS                Local Multipoint Distribution Service
LPC                Local Proceedure Call
LPD                 Line Printer Daemon
LPR                Line Printer Remote
LSA                Local Security Authority
LSI                Large Scale Integration
LU                Logical Unit

- M -
MAC                Media Access Control
MAC-hs                High Speed Medium Access
MADMAN        Mail And Directory MANagement
MAN                Metropolitan Area Network
MAPI                 Messaging Application Programming Interface
MBR                Multiple Bit Rate
MCI                Media Control Interface
MCIS                Memebership System Authentication Option
MCIS                Microsoft Commercial Internet Server
MDBEF                Microsoft Database Exchange Format
MHP                Multimedia Home Platform
MHS                Message Handling System
MHz                Mega Hertz
MIB                Management Information Base
MIC                Microsoft Internet Chat
MIDI                Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIME                Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIMO                Multiple Input Multiple Output
MMC                Microsoft Management Console
MOS                Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MP                Multilink Point to Point Protocol (PPP)
MPEG                Moving Picture Experts Group
MPPE                Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption
MPR                Multi Protocol Routing
MPU                Microprocessor Unit
MPX                MultiPleX
MRTG                Multi-Router Traffic Grapher
MS                Microsoft
MS-CHAP        Microsoft CHAP
MSV1-0                (Type of authentication package)
MTA                Message Transfer Agent
MTS                Microsoft Transaction Server
MX                Mail Exchanger

- N -
NAB                National Association of Broadcasters
NAMPS                Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System
NAS                Network Access Server
NAT                Network Address Translation
NBFP                NetBIOS Frame Protocol
NCP                Network Control Protocol
NCQ                Native Command Queuing
NDIS                Network Device Interface Specification
NDR                Non Delivery Report
NDS                Netware Directory Services
NetBIOS        Network basic Input Output System
NetBT                NetBIOS over TCP (I think)
NIC                Network Interface Card
NiCad                Nickel- Cadmium
NICAM                Near Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex (TV stereo audio)
NIS                Network Information Service
NJE                Network Job Entry
NLM                Netware Loadable Module
NMS                Network Management Station
NMOS                Negative Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NNTP                Network News Transfer Protocol
NOS                Network Operating System
NS                Name         DNS record
NTDS                NT Directory Service
NTFS                NT File System
NTLM                Windows NT Challenge/Response Authentication

- O -
O/R ADDRESS        Originator/Recipient Address
OAB                Offline Address Book
OCR                Optical Character Recognition
ODBC                Open Database Connectivity
ODMR                On Demand Mail Relay
OEM                Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFDMA                Othogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access
OID                Object IDentifier
OLE                Object Linking and Embedding
OpenGL                Open Graphics Language
OS                Operating System
OS                Open Source
OSF                Open Software Foundation
OSPF                Open Shortest Path First
OSI                Open Sysytems Interconnection
OST                Offline Storage Folder
OTAP                Over The Air Programming
OU                Organisational Unit
OUI                Organisationally Unique Identifier

- P -
PAB                Personal Address Book
PABX                Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PAC                Privelege Attribute Certificates
PAD                Packet Assembler/Dissassembler
PAL                Phase Alternation, Line
PAM                Pulse Amplitude Modulation
PAP                Password Authentication Protocol
PATA                Parallel ATA (Hard drives)
PCB                Printed Circuit Board
PCI                Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCIA                Personal Communications Industry Association
PCM                Pulse Code Modulation
Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCS                Personal Communications Services
PDA                Personal Digital Assistant
PDC                Primary Domain Controller
PHS                Personal Handyphone System
PIF                Programme Information File
PIM                 Personal Information Manager
PIN                Personal Identification Number
PKI                Public Key Infrastructure
PKCS                Public Key Cryptography Server
PKCS                Public Key Cryptography Standards
PLA                Programmable Logic Array
PLL                Phase Lock Loop
PLM                Product Lifecycle Management
PMOS                Positive Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PNG                Portable Network Graphics
POP3                Post Office Protocol
POSIX                Portable Operating System Interface
POTS                Plain Old Telephone Service
PPM                Peak Programme Meter
PPP                Point to Point Protocol
PPTP                Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
PRMD                Private Management Domain
PRF                Pulse Repitition Frequency
PROFS                Professional Office System
PROM                Programmable ROM
PSP                Play Station Portable.
PSS                Packet Switch Stream
PST                Personal Storage Folder
PSTN                Public Switched Telephone Network
PSU                Power Supply Unit
PTFE                PolyTetraFlouroEthelene
PU                Physical Unit
PUJT                Progammable UniJunction Transistor
PVR                Personal Video Recorder.
PWS                Peer Web Services
PXE                Pre-boot Execution Environment
- Home Page
- Q -
QoS                Quality of Service
QED                Quite Easily Done
QPSK                Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

- R -
R&D                Research and Development
RAID                Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RADIUS                Remote Authentication Dial In User Service
RADSL                Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
RAM                Random Access Memory
RAP                Remote Access Policy
RAS                Remote Access Service
RDN                Relative Distinguished Names
RDP                Reliable Datagram Protocol
RDP                Remote Desktop Protocol
RDR                Windows NT Redirector
RDRAM                Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory.
REXEC                Remote Execution (UNIX)
RF                Radio Frequency
RFC                Request For Comments
rfc                Radio Frequency Choke
RGB                Red Green Blue (Video signals)
RID                Relative IDentifier
RIMM                Rambus Inline Memory Module
RIP                 Routing Information Protocol
RIS                Remote Installation Services
RISC                Reduced Instruction Set Computing
RMS                Root Mean Square
ROM                Read Only Memory
RPC                Remote Proceedure Call
RRAS                Routing and Remote Access Service
RRD                Round Robin Database
RSA                Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (algorithm)
RSH                Remote Shell (UNIX)
RSL                Registry Size Limit
RSM                Removable Storage Management
RSVP                Resource Reservation Setup Protocol
RTF                Rich Text Format
RTL                Resistor Transistor Logic
RVD                MIT Remote Virtual Disk
R/W                Read/ Write
RX                Receiver

- S -
SA                System Attendant
SACL                System Access Control List
SAM                Security Accounts Manager
SAP                Service Advertising Protocol /  Service Access Point
SASL                Simple Authentication and Security Layer
SCO                Synchronous Connection Oriented
SCR                Silicone Controlled Rectifier
SCSI                Small Computer System Interface
SD                Secure Digital   (digital camera memory card)
SDP                Software Distribution Point
SDRAM           Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SFM                Services For MacIntosh
SGC                Server Gated Cryptography
SGML                Standard Generalised Markup Language
SHF                Super High Frequency
SI                International System of Units
SID                Security ID
SIMM                Single Inline Memory Module.
SIS                Single Instance Store
SLIP                Serial Line Internet Protocol
SMB                Server Message Block
SME                Small to Medium Enterprize
SMP                Symmetric MultiProcessing
SMR                Specialised Mobile Radio
SMS                Short Messaging Service
SMS                Systems Management Server
SMTP                Simple Mail Transport Protocol
S/N                Signal to Noise ratio
SNA                System Network Architecture
SNADS                Systems Network Architecture Distribution Services
SNAP                SubNetwork  Access Protocol
SNMP                Simple Network Management Protocol
SOA                Start Of Authority
SOAP                Simple Object Access Protocol
SOHO                Small Office Home Office
SPAP                Shiva Password Authentication Protocol
SPL                Sound Pressure Level
SPDT                Single Pole Double Throw (switch)
SPST                Single Pole Single Throw (switch)
SPX                Sequenced Packet Exchange
SQL                Structured Query Language
SS7                Signalling System 7
SSI                Server Side Includes
SSI                Small Scale Integration
SSL                Secure Sockets Layer
SSPI                Security Support Provider Interface
SWG                Standard Wire Gauge
SWR                Standing Wave ratio

- T -
T&L                Transform, Clipping and Lighting (graphics)
TAPI                Telephone Application Programming Interface
TCO                Total Cost of Ownership
TCP                Transmission Control Protocol
TDI                Transport Driver Interface
TDM                Time Division Multiplex
TDMA                Time Division Multiple Access
TelCo                Telephone Company
TFTP                Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TGS                Ticket Granting Service
TGT                Ticket Granting Ticket
THD                Total Harmonic Distortion
TID                Transient Intermodulation Distortion
TIF                Tagged Image File
TLS                Transport Layer Security
TP                Transport Protocol
TSP                TAPI Service Providers
TTL                Transistor Transistor Logic
TTL                Time To Live
TTY                Teletype Unit
TVI                TV Interface

- U -
UAM                User Authentication Module
UART                Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
UDF                Uniqueness Database File
UDP                User Datagram Protocol
UHF                Ultra High Frequency
UJT                Unijunction Transistor
ULA                Uncommitted Logic Array
UMTS                Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
UNC                Universal Naming Convention
UPN                User Principal Name
URI                Universal Resource Identifier
URL                Uniform Resource Locator
USAT                Ultra Small Aperture Terminal
USB                Universal Serial Bus (Human Interface )
USN                Update Sequence Number
USN                Unique Sequence Number
UTF-8                Unicode Translation Format 8
UUENCODE        Unix to Unix Encode
UUID                Universally Unique Identifier

- V -
VADS                Value Added Data Service
VAN                Value Added Network
VANS                Value Added Network Service
VCA                Voltage Controlled Amplifier
VCO                Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VCT                Voltage to Current Transactor
VDD                Virtual Device Driver
VDM                Virtual DOS Machine
VDU                Visual Display Unit
VHF                Very High Frequency (88-216MHz)
VLAN                Virtual Local Area Network
VLF                Very Low Frequency
VLOG                Video Blog web site.
VM                Virtual Machine
VoIP                Voice over Internet Protocol
VoWLAN        Voice over Wireless LAN
VPN                Virtual Private Network
VRC                Vertical Redundancy Check
VSAT                Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSB                Vestigal SideBand
VTP                Virtual Terminal Protocol

- W -
W3C                World Wide Consortium
WAIS                 Wide Area Information Server
WAN                Wide Area Network
WAP                Wireless Application Protocol
WARC                World Administrative Radio Conference
WCDMA        Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
WebDAV        Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning
W/F                Wow and Flutter
WF                Wait Flag
WHQL                Windows Hardware Quality Labs
WiFi                Wireless Fidelity (Network - see WLAN)
WiMAX                Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.
WINS                Windows Internet Name Service
WKS                 Well Known Services (DNS)
WLAN                Wireless Local Area Network
WLL                Wireless Local Loop
WMI                Windows Management Instrumentation
WOSA                Windows Open Services Architecture
WOW                Win16 On Win32
WPDA                Wireless Partnership for Donor Awareness
WSH                Windows Script Host (IIS)
WWJD                What Would Jesus Do
WWW                World Wide Web

- X -
XAPIA            X.400 Applications Programming Interface Association
xDSL                Digital Subscriber Line (2 way)
XML                eXtensible Markup Language
XNS-IDP        Xerox NS IDP
Xtal                    Crystal

- Y -
Y2K                Year 2000 (Year 2 kilo)

- Z -
ZIF                Zero Insertion Force (socket)
ZIL                Zork Implementation Language
ZZZZ                I Am Asleep

Compiled by DP Kelly 29th April 2008    Updated: Continually up to 10th June 2010
File:  ACRONYMS6.txt
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